Clubs & Societies


Scripture Union


Club President Seth Quansah
Meeting Day Wednesday


The Scripture Union (SU) is a non-denominational and an interdenominational movement with two core aims:

  1. To make God’s good news known to children,young people and families
  2. To encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bilble and prayer so that they may come to personal faith in our lord Jesus Christ, grow in Christian maturity and become both committed church member and servant of a world in need.

Calling people back to God | Calling people back to his word



The membership is approximately 50 students


Regulations and Conduct:

  • There shall not be any meeting whiles classes are in session. The Club shall only meet according to the regulations of the school’s timetable or during breaktime or when an urgent information needs to be circulated among members
  • No meeting/programme in any forn shall take place in the absence of the patron or any teacher assigned to assist in the conduct of the club meeting.
  • Scripture Union does not encourage/ permit DELIVERANCE SESSIONS in school.  All deliverance cases shall be made known to the patron who shall then inform appropriate authorities


Members’ Lifestyle

  • All club members are encouraged to read their bibles and pray everyday.
  • All club members are encouraged to attend and participate in all scripture Union activities and programmes
  • As a matter of fact, all club members are expected to live exemplary Christian life
  • The club members should inform their patron about any development that takes place in the club
  • Club members are not supposed to organize programmes in the name of scripture union without the knowledge or consent of the patron or school authorities
  • Any person or group of persons invited to the school should be and must be approved by the scripture union in consultation with the school patron
  • All members and leaders shall acknowledge the role and directives of people in authority and shall consider that directives of authority figures in the school over rules  directives of patron and sub leaders in charge of the SCRIPTURE UNION.


The Great Commission (Our Mandate- Our Mission On Earth)

All members shall be given equal opportunity to deliver God’s word behind the school’s pulpit before the gathering of the population of the school after several trials at club meeting levels


Methods of Evangelism Members Must Go Through

  1. Person to Person evangelism
  2. Small Group Evangelism
  3. Large Group or Mass Evangelism
  4. All members shall respect the role of the overseer regarding SU meetings



St. Peter's Art Club


Club President Mr Afful
Meeting Day Wednesday


The St. Peter’s Art Club (SPARC) is a club that was formed to give its members the opportunity to express themselves in an artistic way. Whether members will become professional artists or not they can use the skills acquired from the club to establish a hobby.


What SPARC offers

The SPARC offers the following to its members:

  1. Knowledge about art
  2. Skill development concerning art
  3. Interaction with mates in a unique setting
  4. Fun


Activities of SPARC

  1. A short exposition about art and the work of the day
  2. Lots of practical activities whilst listening to music
  3. Excursions to the Art department of some schools (Senior High and Tertiary)
  4. Education on manual and digital art
  5. Education on the possible art careers


Who can join SPARC

Anyone who has an interest in art or wants to develop it can join.


French Club

Under construction


Music Club

Under construction


Naval Cadet Corps


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